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Students attend National Christian Academy from all over the DC Metropolitan area and beyond. No matter which school or part of the country our students come from, graduates leave National Christian Academy strong academically, mature, and surrounded by the presence of God. It all starts with the admission process!


In order to be considered for enrollment in our school, each family must:
  • Submit a completed application packet
  • Current medical records (health assessment and immunization records)
  • Last 2 years report cards
  • Complete the entrance exam (1st-12th grade) Saturdays Only!
  • Attend an interview (parents and students) with the Principal or Vice Principal


National Christian Academy's admissions process has 5 important steps:
  1. Application Intake: Submit your completed online application, including long form birth certificate, immunization records, custody documents (should a legal custody arrangement exist) and the service program statement. Students entering grade 1 should also submit a kindergarten report card, while those entering grades 2-12 must also submit the signed Authorization for Release of Information and a final official transcript from the previous school.
  2. Application Completion: Upon receipt of all required documentation, including certified official records from your student's previous school (if applicable), your application will be declared complete. Students entering K3-K5 will then move to step 4, while those entering grades 1-12 will move to step 3.
  3. Testing: Entrance testing is administered to every prospective student entering grades 1-12. This testing allows us to assess your student's current knowledge set and their ability to perform satisfactorily at National Christian Academy. Testing is only scheduled on Saturdays.
  4. Administrative Interview: Parents and the prospective student will be scheduled to meet with the principal or vice-principal to discuss the family's expectations for their student, as well as National Christian Academy's expectations of the family. Reports received from the previous school (if any) as well as those from the entrance test will also be discussed at this time and a descision will be rendered with regards to your student's acceptance into National Christian Academy. Accepted families will then move to step 5.
  5. Enrollment: Upon acceptance, the parent must complete the online enrollment. Your student will be enrolled at National Christian Academy upon completion of all pertinent financial documents and receipt of corresponding and required fees.


National Christian Academy's financial commitment enables student attendance from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. We utilize the following financial aid program for families in need of support:

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