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National Christian Academy maintains an active interscholastic athletic program that includes basketball, football, and cheerleading. All students in grades 7 through 12 are encouraged to participate.

The sports program at National Christian provides a practical expression for the principles that are taught in the classroom. True character is demonstrated when under the social, academic, and spiritual pressures of life. The athletic program at National Christian, through healthy competition, helps the student athlete deal with these pressures in a controlled environment and under close supervision. Our coaches not only train students to be better athletes but mentor the young men and women on God’s Word and the many parallels between the disciplines required to play well and requirements of the believer. The virtues of punctuality, preparation, hard work, and attention to detail reflect the discipline required to be part of a sports team on and off the court. 

Additionally, the National Christian sports program provides a context for families to gather, for family memories to be created and for parents to show their support for their student athlete. We stand in the bleachers for an opening word of prayer thanking God for His Son, the opportunity to compete against a school of like faith and for Christian education. We eat hot dogs and nachos, cheer for our teams, and thank God for our young people with sharp minds and strong bodies.

For more information regarding the Athletic program at National Christian Academy, contact our athletic director.

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