Benefits of Online Learning Tools



Today’s students have a world of opportunities right in the palm of their hands. Online learning allows students to take control of their learning from any where at any time.


Online learning is broadening the opportunities of students around the world.


The benefits are endless.


1. Personalized Learning


Online learning tools provide students with the opportunity to study at a pace and path that is right for them. Personalized and relevant context can be tailored based on the student’s strengths and needs. Online activities and assessments create a fun but productive educational experience designed for the individual students.

When you can identify a student’s needs, their learning gaps will be addressed and their progress will be accelerated. The opportunity to customize a student’s learning experience makes their educational experience more productive.


Khan Academy

Typing Club

College Board




2. Expanding Learning Opportunities


Student’s have the opportunity to learn from around the world with online activities and virtual field trips on world languages, cultures, college preparatory, and advance studies. Thousands of college professors from around the world provide free lectures to anyone with internet access.

Discovery Education


W3 Schools


Open Culture

Yale Courses 


3. High Engagement Learning


Online learning can boost student’s motivation through interactive lessons, activities, and games. Anyone can tell you that student’s are more likely to play a video game than complete a worksheet. So, what better way to hide the important stuff like assessments and deeper in-depth learning than an online gaming tool that gives you feedback on the progression of your student?

ABC Mouse


PBS Kids


4. Relevant and Regularly Updated Content


Online learning tools are updated regularly with the latest in education by educators. These updates provide more access to our students for deeper and expansive learning.

5. Next-Gen Learning in the Classroom


Online learning tools are made for the classroom too! Online learning tools provide teachers with the opportunity to track their students learning progress, strengths, and weakness. Teachers can even use online learning tools in the classroom for student specific warm-ups, worksheets, reading circles, activities, and more.

Online learning is connecting students and teachers to a world of education that will improve students academically.

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