Pennies for Patients Student Series is an opportunity for NCA students to help children with Leukemia and Lymphoma.


Parents – You can help! Place a donation bucket at your workplace and have your colleagues help NCA raise money for kids with cancer.


Online Donations!

It’s easy for family and friends that are out of town to donate to support our efforts to raise money for Pennies for Patients. Have them go to our Pennies for Patients online website and click Donate Today.

We’ve raised over $3,000 from the Box Tops program over the years. The goal this year is to raise $1,000.


We need your help! And as added incentive, we will continue the classroom competitions each month.


The process is simple. You (or your child) should tape, glue, or store in a zip-lock bag 10 or more Box Tops to a collection sheet (attached below). Please make sure that your Box Tops are not expired. When the sheet is filled out, submit it to the office. You can download additional blank sheets or pick one up from the office as well. Do not forget to put your child’s teacher’s name on the sheet so we can track which class wins each month.


Are you a member of Box Tops? You can sign up at to stay updated on our school’s earning and full list of participating products. Members also receive exclusive coupon offers and recipes and can learn about extra ways for our school to earn more cash (such as the Box Top$ Bonus App). Another way to collect Box Tops is to simply ask other family members to collect for you.


If you have questions or would like to help count Box Tops, you can contact the front office.


Let’s get clipping!