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SpacesStation-1200x675National Christian Academy has always prided itself on preparing students for college, life, and eternity through excellent academics and by creating a new Science & STEM Lab we will be able to provide a space where Science & STEM can be an integrated part of our daily curriculum. By becoming a school with a focus on STEM, we can now give our students a competitive edge when applying to College as well as building a strong foundation for their future career paths in STEM.In order for NCA to successfully implement this STEM and Science Renovation Plan, we need your support. We are asking you to consider purchasing shares in the renovation, furniture, and equipment needed.


The following casework/furniture items are also still available to purchase:

  1. SpaceStation Unit & Teacher Desk: $750 – 30 shares available
  2. Demolition/Renovation of new lab space – $750 ea. – 50 shares available
  3. Perimeter Casework/SpacesavingWall of Storage: $500 – 20 shares available
  4. Mobile Fume Hood & Chemical Waste Disposal Cabinet: $500 – 10 shares available
  5. Stools/Seating for labs: $100 – 30 shares available
  6. Overhead Projector/Smartboard systems: $200 – 15 shares available
  7. Scientific lab equipment and supplies: $100 – 50 shares
  8. 3D printer: $100 – 15 shares
  9. Wash Station: $100 – 20 shares

We Thank You for your support of our 2018 STEM initiative!

Donations can be mailed to National Christian Academy, Attn. Andrew Stewart, 6701 Bock Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744. Should you have any questions about these plans please feel free to contact Andrew Stewart, Principal at 301-567-9507 with any questions.